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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is the Company's source of income?

Forex trading has always been the company's main activity, but we have been actively exploring the cryptocurrency market in recent years. Our experts devote significant part of our trading portfolio to trading at BTC-e, Houbi and other exchanges. In recent years, cryptocurrency trading started generating considerable profit than all other investment areas.

Notice of Risk

Aim of the present Notice is to give user the information about risks, connected to the executing of Bitcoin cryptocurrency operations, to the participation in PORAFX LTD and to warn about possible losses. Please note that the list of risks specified in the text of the present Notice is not exhaustive. Due to the specifics of activity there is the possibility of new risks emergence, which are not covered by the present Notice.
Before deciding to participate in PORAFX LTD, you must carefully analyze the purpose of participation in PORAFX LTD, your knowledge and experience, and the ability and willingness to take risks as well. But most importantly is not to pass your funds to PORAFX LTD if the loss could have a negative impact on your lifestyle, as well as if the amount exceeds revenue.
Any works on cryptocurrency Bitcoin trading have increased risks as a partial or total loss of the initial capital. In addition, due to the specifics, there is no and can not be the guarantees of fixed benefit and break-even risk operations.
As a private user, You may not have the sufficient experience and thus you put yourself to an increased risk.
Each participant must clearly understand that the present type of activity contains high degree of risk.
The user is required to carefully analyze his preparation and financial capabilities.
You must be familiar with the technology of Bitcoins and PORAFX LTD work.

You have a "green" SSL certificate, don't you?

That's right, the status verifies that our Company is authentic and the domain belongs to us.
There is a list of questions under each block. Each question is hidden, it opens when you click on it.

Investment Questions

What payment systems do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Advcash.

What is the minimum deposit amount, as well as the amount of subsequent deposits?


Do You have reinvestment system working?

Yes, we have reinvestment system 100% working, but it is used not for all offered investment plans.

Withdrawal Questions

If I deposit funds via one payment system, can I withdraw them via a different one?

No, withdrawal request must be requested to the same processor used to deposit.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Perfecmoney: $0.1, Bitcoin: $5, Advcash: $5

What is the maximum withdrawal amount?


Is there a withdrawal fee?

Perfecmoney: 0.5%, Bitcoin: 0.5%, Advcash: 0%

Processing of a request for withdrawal?

1-7 days

Can I get back my deposit?

Yes, you can (but except 0.4% DAILY plan). You have the right to get back your deposit anytime. However, you will have to pay a fine which would be 50% of your deposit.
Withdrawal of capital: 0%

Is the main deposit returned upon the deposit maturity?

Yes, to the full extent

Affiliate program questions

Where can I get full information about referral rewards?

Please check the "Partnership Program" section for this information.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. We do not see any need for having multiple accounts.

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